my writings

(these are my personal writings, I hope you enjoy them)


What does it really mean?

To be unheard or unseen?

The people rush pass.

Don’t worry, soon the first will be the last.

They’ll see you for who you really are.

A diamond in the rough; a beautiful shining star .



We all think that’s  what we want.

We hear that it’ll set us free.

Free of what, our naïve joy?

Make up your own truth.

Let it set you free from the real truth.

That brings us back to reality.

Create your own truth.

Just let it be.


The Walls

The walls feel like they’re slowly caving in. My breaths become shorter, I am terribly afraid. All of my failures are right here, closing in on me. I could have been better. A better student, a better daughter, a better sibling, a better friend. I could be better, but I’m not. Hey, we all make mistakes, right? I just hope it won’t effect my future. But of course it will. Maybe, if I were better you’d believe in me. The only thing I want is to write. I feel better when I write. All my emotions are going onto the paper and I feel like they see the real me. Lucky them.


Two Months

It has been about two months. Remember those walls built of my failures that was caving in on me. It’s retreating. My failures are seeming  less and less important. What’s important is my future. What’s important about my future is, of course, a boy. He’s not just any boy though. He’s my boy. Our personalities fit perfectly together. I really think we’re meant for each other. Because of him those overbearing walls are barely even bothering me. He makes everything better.




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